Product Review Guidelines

All product reviews on VoodooTactical.net are moderated and we reserve the right to refuse publication, delete reviews that fail to meet our standards, or to edit reviews for readability and brevity.  Our goal is to have reviews that are pertinent, understandable, and provide honest and accurate information about the products we sell.

We appreciate constructive criticism, suggestions and your feedback, and we do publish negative reviews, as long as they meet our criteria. 

Here are some general guidelines relating to what makes a good review and how we make decisions about what gets published and what does not:

Reviews should be at least one sentence.  One-word reviews may not be published, especially if the product already has several in-depths reviews.  So whether you say “great” and give us five stars or say “sucks” and give one, that isn’t telling us much.  The community will benefit more if you can take a few words to explain what was good or bad about the product so the next buyer can take that into account when evaluating the same product for his or her needs.

A great product review should help others understand what they are buying and assist them in making the correct choice.  For example, if you bought a holster for the S&W Shield and found that it also fit your Ruger SR22, this is useful information that should be included in your review as it can add to the collective knowledge about the product.   Similarly, a review that says “This mag pouches on this bag fit my Magpul magazines but did not fit my Daniel Defense magazines, which hold 32 rounds and are a little longer,” provides accurate, useful information that benefits future buyers.  Reviews that tell how you have used the product also offer valuable insight and are interesting to read.

Reviews should be specific to products you bought from us on this web site or from us via phone.  Reviews of products you bought on another website or a marketplace may not be published.  For example, we recently received a review that said “Received a voodoo tactical pack in a color not offered by voodoo from amazon.”  Well, clearly you didn’t buy it from us and if we don’t offer that color, it could be a counterfeit or knock-off product.  We didn’t publish that review.

As the name implies, product reviews are for product feedback. Reviews that are about customer service, delivery issues, or other factors not related to the product are unlikely to be published.  For example, a review that says “Fedex says my package was delivered, but I never got it, so I can’t review this product,” is unlikely to be published.  We have email, live chat, and a toll free phone number, all of which get answered by U.S.-based customer service personnel between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays and occasionally over the weekend. Please use one of those methods to contact us regarding a customer service issue. 

Likewise, reviews that are messages to us are won’t be published.  For example, if you submit a review that says “These boots run small.  Please contact me to arrange an exchange for a size 12,” we may not publish the review, or we may run the first part but delete the second part. 

Reviews that make no sense may not be published.  If you review a shotgun scabbard and you complain that your AR15 doesn’t fit in it, we may consider your comments too stupid to warrant publication.  Ditto if you complain that your MOLLE mag pouch didn’t fit on your duty belt – duh, it isn’t supposed to.  Reviews should enlighted fellow shoppers, not confuse them with information that is not pertinent.

We may also delete reviews that pertain to old, outdated versions of the product.  For example, if we upgraded the straps on a pack, and your review from 2016 complained about the old straps, we will either delete that review or add a note explaining that the straps have been upgraded.

 Please don’t include personal contact information in your review.  If you need to reach out to us, the live chat function is more secure than publishing your email address or cell number in the review.  Plus, we answer customer service issues daily.  We might look at reviews only once or twice a week.

Spelling is your responsibility.  We generally do not correct spellings, capitalization, grammar and punctuation unless it helps facilitate the reader’s understanding and the readability of your review.  Do keep in mind that this is not a text to your BFF, LOL. 

Please don't Spam the Reviews.  If you spam our review function, we are going to block your reviews from publication and potentiallly black list your IP address.  So if you buy four products and leave four reviews, that’s awesome.  But if you have never purchased anything and you leave a slew of reviews, good or bad, they are likely to get blocked and/or deleted.

We may add a note to the end of your review.  We do this to clarify things, correct your statements, or to provide other information on how customers may resolve a similar issue.  A good example of this can be seen here: https://www.voodootactical.net/hardware-equipment/body-armor/voodoo-tactical-rapid-assault-tactical-rat-molle-plate-carrier-vest.html#mp-ajax-all-reviews

Keep it clean.  Finally, it should go without saying that we reserve the right to edit or delete reviews that cross the line in being too rude, crude or offensive.  

Thanks for your understanding and keep those product reviews coming!

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